The federal democratic republic of Nepal is located at the boundary between Indian and Tibetan tectonic plates and therefore lies in a seismically active region. Historical data evidence the occurrence of destructive great earthquakes in the past. Mitigation of earthquake risk can be made only with adequate assessment of seismic hazard which should be based on the evaluation of seismotectonic and geological process prevailing in this part of the world.

Microseismic monitoring is a very fast and efficient tool to understand the seismotectonics of the region. It is an instrument for seismic surveillance allowing a fast post earthquake rescue operation. For regional and global earthquake location and related seismological studies it provides a valuable database.


Recent Earthquakes In Nepal - 2019

Date Time Latitude Longitude Magnitude(ML) Remarks Epicenter Form
A.D:2019-03-18 UTC:   03:16 27.63 85.16 4.1 NSC Makawanpur Did You feel it ?
A.D:2019-02-26 UTC:   10:30 27.66 86.00 4.4 NSC Dolakha Did You feel it ?
A.D:2019-02-26 UTC:   10:35 27.84 85.95 4.1 NSC Sindhupalchok Did You feel it ?
A.D:2019-02-16 UTC:   14:49 27.68 85.27 4.0 NSC Kathmandu Did You feel it ?
A.D:2019-02-14 UTC:   11:26 27.81 88.18 4.6 NSC Taplejung Did You feel it ?
A.D:2019-01-22 UTC:   16:45 27.09 86.96 4.5 NSC Bhojpur Did You feel it ?
A.D:2019-01-10 UTC:   05:49 27.60 86.31 4.5 NSC Ramechhap Did You feel it ?
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